Saturday, I went out with Jason Barber on Cedar Creek. For anybody that wants to learn CC, Jason is the guy for the job.

Jason pretty much called the action all day. Jason said in this area, your gonna have better shot for kicker, and I got broken off on 17 lb McCoys Mean Green. I was re-tieing and had fresh line. That happened alot yesterday.

Jason would come into larger creeks and pass docks up and come to an area, we should get bit alot in this area, and we proceeded to boat keeper bass.

About 9:30, Jason came into small area you can fish this area and have shot at a limit, and we had the bites, I think I missed the 5th.

I don’t feel bad, Jason lost some nice ones as well. Overall, we probably had 5 fish limit that would top 14-15lbs. The bite just got better as the day progressed.

Jason explained some keys about dirty water and clear water. Little subtle things that hold better fish.

As the day was coming to an end, Jason asked, you in any hurry, nope, so we went to one more spot and fished another hour or more only to boat another 4 keepers,in one spot, again, i missed the fifth fish to finish another limit in one spot.

I have never had great numbers on CC, Jason showed me the creek can kick out some 30+ fish days.

At the end of the day, Jason left me with alot of confidence about Cedar Creek.

Jason, you got game and skills.